digital silk fabric printing



SilkMelody is owned and operated by LYMA Products Inc., a Canadian corporation located in Montreal, Canada            

Our service specializes in digitally-printed silk scarves and customized textile printing options on various fabrics, including silk fabric, cotton, polyester. Taking the advantage of our printing supplier's top position in Chinese textile industry,  We are  capable to provide custom-made products with high printing quality, competitive price and on time delivery, especially for custom silk scarves.

In conclusion, SilkMelody is big on suppliers but small enough to care.

Our mission is to expand the application of digital fabric printing, which is a new trend in the textile industry. Our goal is to deliver high quality but affordable products that are beautiful, and has a unique concept and feeling.

digital silk fabric printing




 SilkMelody delivers products and services that are different from others of this genre:


 SilkMelody has been working with its printing partner for more than a decade, which is a leading digital textile printing supplier in Chinese textile industry not only producing printers but also printer's research and application. Therefore, SilkMelody is proud of its strong position in quality digital textile printing service, which leads the best combination of a high quality & low cost based in China and a full customer support based in Canada.   



 SilkMelody specializes in digitally-printed silk scarves and customized fabric printing options on various fabrics, including silk, cotton, polyester, wool, etc. Taking the advantage of tight business relationship with a leading company in China, which is Cathaya International Silk Import & Export Co. Ltd., SilkMelody is capable to offer fashion productions after printing on fabric  to wholesales who value unique silk products, including scarves, formal dresses, shoes and handbags.



  The service uniqueness of SilkMelody is based on the facts: 1) EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION on a pre-order stage, which results in truly understanding customers' needs and helping to resolve issues during design submission. 2) GUARANTEED QUALITY DELIVERY with high customers' satisfaction. In the view of customer service, its response is fast and honest.  At SilkMelody, customer satisfaction is more important than making business profit.



digital silk fabric printing  

As introduced, SilkMelody's supplier is a top company in Chinese textile printing industry. They use the most updated equipment, which delivers incredible printing quality.  Followings are just some equipment they are recently using.




 We hope you enjoy browsing our pages. Please SEND US your comments - help us make SilkMelody.com your favorite place to order fine custom printed products and to have quality digital textile printing services on the net, typically for custom printed silk products.





digital silk fabric printing



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12mm Silk Satin Long Scarf (65x16.5", or 70x20", or 80x42") -Custom Made

Product no.: CS-S12mm-02

starting at $30.00 *
Delivery weight: 0.069 kg

14mm Silk Twill Large Square Scarf (36x36", or 38x38", or 42x42")- Custom Made

Product no.: CS-T14mm-01-LSQ

starting at $33.50 *
Delivery weight: 0.083 kg

Custom Silk Fabric Printing-12 mm Silk Satin

Product no.: CF-S-01

$29.50 / m *
Delivery weight: 0.08 kg

12mm Silk Crep De Chine Long Scarf (65x16.5", or 70x20", or 80x42") -Custom Made

Product no.: CS-CDC12-02

starting at $32.00 *
Delivery weight: 0.069 kg