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Are you looking for the digital textile / fabric printing with your own designs? Here is the ideal place for you ! No matter what scale you fit in (a fabric DIY, a textile designer, or a bluk buyer), you can always find out a suitable order package with our digital textile printing service.

Working with the leading printing company in China, SilkMelody is the first company in Canada offers cusotm fabric printing service on almost every type of fabric, icluding silk, cotton, linen, polyester, and etc. 



WE USE REACTIVE INK TO PRINT ALL NATURAL FABRICS,including silk, cotton, and linen, which results in brighter colors, softer fabric, stronger fastness, and more ink penetration in the fabric back comparing to the pigment ink and the acid ink commonly used in western printing companies. No exception, the sublimation will be used on synthetic fabrics.



                        WHAT IS ABOUT WHOLESALE ORDER

 Orders that meet our minimum quantity requirement, are considered as Wholesale orders. Otherwise, they are considered as Small Orders, which could be directly ordered in our Online ordering. 

The Minimum Requirement: 

 The minimum quantity is 50 yards for silk with max. 2 designs, and 100-200 yards for other fabric with max. 4-6 designs.


The Order Process:

 Step 1: CONTACT US to have a quote by providing the followings:

             - The fabric you choose to print on
             - The design size
             - The quantity per design
             - The number of designs in the order

 Step 2: We do samples with Color Matching, which will be sent for you to approve.

 Step 3: After the sample approving, we go to the production with the closer result as the sample you have approved.   


The Delivery Time:

The delivery time usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the order situation.

Fabric Availability: 

When you want to use the fabric that does not exist in our Online Ordering, you could provide the fabric specifications for us to check out if we can puechase it in the printer's local market, which is in China. Ideally, a fabric swatch should be sent for the better reference. 



                                             About Color Matching

The SilkMelody strives to produce the truest match to designs’ colors although some colors technically cannot achieve the ideal matching.  The color-matching is the default option adding in your wholesale orders. We do not do color matching for small orders that have small quantity per design, for example less than 20 scarves per design with the scarf szie of 38x38"  

We do color matching either comparing to a standardized screen or to paper printouts provided by customers (not recommended unless you insist to do so). Both way consume a lot of sources not only material but technician work, to which we make a charge called Color Matching Fee.


      If you have small orders, you can place orders in our Online Ordering  


  Want to have same color intensity in the scarf  front and the back? Click Here to learn Double Sided Printing  




SilkMelody-the best digital fabric pritning  for custom design  in Canada.




Silk Fabric in Stock


All silk fabrics in stock have the width of 43.3"(110cm). As a silk specialist, the SilkMelody only use the finest Chinese silks, which best preserve the silk nature strengthes, including the smooth, the softness, and the good color reflection after printing on, which appropriate for scarves, shirting, and dresses, etc.


100% cotton sateen, 100gsm or 200gsm, 55"(140cm) width. Appropriate for shirting, jackets, or cushions
    - 100% cotton canvas, 240gsm, 57"(145cm) width. Appropriate for cushions, tote bags, table cloth.
    - 100% linen, 150gsm, 53"(135cm) width. Appropriate for chshion, table cloth, towel


   - Poly Knit (95% polyester+5% spandex), 170gsm, 55"       (140cm)
Poly Chiffon or Sateen (70-95gsm) 55”(140cm)
Poly Complex Threads (200gsm), 55”(140cm)



To learn more information about the digital fabric printing, please refer to the FAQS


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     Above are examples of custom design on fashion products, including silk clothing, wool sweaters, silk scarves, silk hand bags, silk shoes.


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