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These are frequently asked questions for your concerns in printing on fabric and on silk scarves. Please take the time to read through the answers below before placing orders as they are about our TERMS and CONDITIONS in the orders.



55_bullet_lightblue How to Prepare Electronic Files for Custom Design Printing
1) Generate your electronic files from original designs (artworks, pictures on magazines, etc.) by professional high definition devices, such as a professional box camera and a scanner.
2) If you want, you could modify electronic files on computer using image editors, such as Photoshop, storing in CMYK Tiff or JPG format, 150-200dpi, and 1:1 proportion. For more inofmation about how to prepare and submit custom designs, you may Click Here now. 
55_bullet_lightblue What Kind of Inks Do You Use?
The Digital Textile Printer uses a variety of dye based inks including the disperse, the pigment, the acid, and the reactive ink depending on the type of fabric.
We use reactive ink printing on nature fabric like silk, cotton, linen, not pigment or acid ink like many western companies do. Comparing to pigment ink, reactive ink can achieve better printing quality, including brighter colors, softer fabric, stronger fastness, and more ink bleed in fabric back.

55_bullet_lightblue How Are Color Fastness, Handle / Softness?
Digital printed fabric or scarf behaves in a same way as tradition printed ones, same color fastness and handle as known from traditional printing.

55_bullet_lightblue Can Printed Fabric Be Washable?
Yes. It has same color fastness as the one in traditional printing. However, with respect to specific products that you have purchased, please follow caring instructions provided by the product producers.


55_bullet_lightblue Can I Have Even Edge in the Printed Fabric/Scarf?

 We have to understand that printing on fabric is not simply like printing on paper, which could keep even edge. Fabric have weft. Therefore, the textile industry sets up a standard of weft allowance for manufacturers to follow. We strictly work within the industrial weft standard for all printed fabric,including  finishing products, such as silk scarves.

55_bullet_lightblue Will Prints on Fabric Achieve the Exact Same Look as Original Designs?

Due to certain unresolved technical and/or material issues, designs’ colors printed on fabric will not exactly look like those viewed on paper; and especially not those viewed exclusively on a computer screen. one of the reasons comes from color gamut issue. There are some colors in your design that are outside of the color gamut that our printer can not actually produce. Instead, it prints the color that is the closest to it , which may cause printout colors differ from design colors.

On the other hand, textile weaves and nap may dramatically or likely modify the final printed products. 

If you are very serious about the colors, you should place orders with Color Matching process. Please refer to Color Matchong below.

55_bullet_lightblue   What is about Color Matching?    Do You Do Color Matching in Each Order?   Is There Charge on It?

The SilkMelody strives to produce the truest match to designs’ colors although some colors technically cannot achieve the ideal matching.  The color-matching is the default option adding in your wholesale orders, in which a minimum order quantity is required, for example 50 yards per design for silk products . We do not do color matching for small orders that have small quantity per design, for example less than 40 scarves per design with the scarf szie of 38x38"  

We do color matching either comparing to a standardized screen or to paper printouts provided by customers (not recommended unless you insist to do so). Both way consume a lot of sources not only material but technician work, to which we make a charge called Color Matching Fee.

55_bullet_lightblue What Printing Method Do you Use for Online Ordering and all Small Orders?

    What Is about Direct Printing?

Direct Printing will be used, in which we have special techniques to achieve printout colors as close as possible to design colors appearing on a professional computer screen. In most of cases, our customers are happy with printing results. However we do not guarantee each individual order as this method is not yet perfect. Please see WHY in the next FAQ

When you want to print same design in next time order, the printing result may or may not be same as previous printout. If you are very serious to have same printing colors, you may consider to use Color Matching Method as described above. 

P.S. Please be aware that what you see on your monitor will not necessarily be what we see on ours. Our monitors are calibrated to our printers very precisely and your monitors are not.


55_bullet_lightblue Will the Colors Be Printed Same For Same Design in different Orders?
Since we are printing onto fabric other than paper, some factors will play dramatic roles in color fixation. Therefore, variations may occur even we print same design under constant system settings on same type of fabric. Below are some major reasons.

- material, including fabric and ink, may not come from the same batch.

- production condition may change, including steaming, temperature, and moisture, etc.

However, if you have placed an sample order before  with a Color Matching Fee, the colors will be kept as close as possible to the sample you have approved because we will redo color matching again under the present conditions. 

- The post-treatments hardly to be kept constantly due to human work involved in many stages, which might affect the fabric softness, the look of the fabric surface, etc.

When the issue happens with non-identical product in different time of orders, we will try our best to work with you in coming up to a solution. In meantime. your understanding and cooperation would be great appreciated.



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