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These are frequently asked questions in the custom design printing products. Please take the time to read through the answers below before placing orders as they are about our TERMS and CONDITIONS in the orders.


 55_bullet_lightblue  What is Small Orders? What is Wholesale Orders?

i) Wholesale order

   Orders that meet the minimum order quantity for 50 yards of silk with max. 2 designs, and 100-200 yards of other fabric with the max. 4-6 designs.

The order will be processed with Color Matching in the sample and the production stage. 

After you approve the samples, the production order will be delivered with close colors to the samples.  

For more information about our Wholesale, please Click Here now.  

ii) Small order

Orders that have small quantity per design less than the quantity defined in the WHOLESALE ORDERS above, for example 10 scarves per design or 2 meters of printed fabric.

Small orders will be processed with Direct Printing Method.

For more details about Color Matching and Direct Printing, please refer to FAQ for Digital Textile Printing.


55_bullet_lightblue How Do I Order?

i) For small orders, in which the total amount is less than $1,200 USD, you should  place the order in our ONLINE ORDERING for CUSTOM DESIGN PRINTING; unless you have custom sizes, you could place an order by direct CONTACT US

ii)  For Wholesale orders or the total amount is larger than $1,200 USD,  please CONTACT US or call us at 1-514-979-5962.   

iii) Either in online ordering or wholesale ordering, you should send us designs to info@silkmelody.com through a public server such as www.wetransfer.com or www.dropbox.com


55_bullet_red What Is the Minimum Order Quantity?

- For silk scarf, the minumum is 1 scarf for big sqaure size  and 2 scarves for small sqaure size

- For blend scarf, we have two cases.

Case 1: For New Designs

2 scarves for rectangle size and 1 scarf for square szie as listed on our website, in which you can use different designs to make multiple scarves.  

Case 2: For Reprinting the Same Design

 if you want to reprint the SAME DESIGN as in one of previous orders, the minimum quantity MUST MEET 6 scarves PER DESIGN.

- For fabric printing listed in our website, the minimum order quantity is  1 meter 

- For fabric that is not available in our online, which we call "custom fabric", it needs a MOQ variing with  different type of fabric, for instance, 50 yards (46 meters) for silk with Max. 2 designs, 100-200 meters for cotton and polyester with Max. 4-6 designs.


55_bullet_red If I Order the Same Product (same design and same material) at Different Times, Will the Product be Identical from point of view printing colors, fabric softness, and finishing....etc

Since we are printing onto fabric not on paper, some factors will play dramatic roles in color fixation. Besides, some procedures must involve human work. Therefore, variations may occur even we print same design under constant system settings on same type of fabric. Below are some major reasons:

- material, including fabric and ink, may not come from the same batch.
- production condition may change, including steaming, temperature, and moisture, etc

If you want to have the close result for each orders, you have to meet our wholesale requirement as it will make samples with Color Matching for you to approve, which will become the reference for later production.


55_bullet_red How Do I Send You My Design Files?

You should send designs to info@silkmelody.com before or after placing an order by uploading design files to a public server, such as www.wetransfer.com or www.dropbox.com. You may Click Here to learn more information about How To Prepare and Send Designs. 


55_bullet_red   What Kind of Fabric Do You Use?
Except nylon, we can print almost every fabric, including but not limit to silk ( satin, chiffon, twill, crepe de chine), cotton (sateen, voile, canvas), viscose(rayon) , polyester, wool, cashmere, etc. However we mainly focus on silk, including producing silk scarf and pritning on silk with custom designs.


55_bullet_red Will My Design Be Protected ?

We only access your design in order to produce your products by our facilities. We never disclose your design to the third party.

55_bullet_red How Long can I Receive My Order?
Production time will take round two to three weeks from receiving artworks and order payment. Sometime the production time may extend due to the over loading in the post-treatment processes including washing and/or hemming.

After production, your order will be shipped by the shipping method that you choose, including Small Postal Packet by POST in 10-30 days varying with destination country or DHL express in 3-5 days. Please see details in SHIPPING & PAYMENT


       55_bullet_red  What Kind of Shipping Methods Do You Use

We have two types of shipping methods: Small Postal Packets (SPP) by POST  and DHL Express (DHL) Shipping.

For more details about the difference between the Small Postal Packets and DHL express, please refer to the SHIPPING & PAYMENT


Turning the Art onto the Fashion Products







55_bullet_red What Type of Payment Do You Accept?
For Online Ordering and all orders less than $1,200 USD

Silkmelody will accept the payment through Paypal service using:
• Credit card (Visa, Master card)
• American Express
• Bank account registered with Paypal

The amount limit for online ordering is about $1200 USD, excluding shipping fee. If your order excesses this limit, the order will not be completed. You should directly order from us by CONTACT US

For all orders more than $1,200 USD excluding shipping fee:
Wire money to our company's account through the bank.


55_bullet_red What Company Do You Use to Process My Online Payment? Is it safe?
We use the Paypal credit card processor to process your payment transactions. Paypal is one of the biggest and safest online transaction companies in Canada and worldwide. 

55_bullet_red  Do I Have to Pay for Taxes and Customs duties?
If it applicable, customers are responsible to pay the Taxes and Custom Duties in their own countries or regions based on relative Taxes and Custom Duties policies. 

55_bullet_red Can I Return My Order if I Do Not Like After Receiving?

Please refer to our RETUEN POLICY