How To Submit Custom Design

How To Prepare and Submit Custom Design


 When you send design(s), it is suggested to follow our instructions below, including step A), B) and C) as it will make your order process smoothly therefore ensure a high quality delivery. 


Step A) Prepare your design(s) according to the following situations

- Order 1: for Fabric Printing

* Case 1: Pattern(s) printed as an individual piece with possible seams between pattern's joints.

Design size:

 - The maximum pattern width is the fabric width you ordered, which is listed in each product ordering page.

 - The  pattern length is the number of meters that you ordered. If you will have same pattern repeatedly printed in the multiple meters, you just need to submit one single pattern.                

* Case 2: One pattern printed repeatedly in certain methods as showing below.




Make sure the pattern is repeatable, which means that no seam will show in the joint of patterns

Besides the pattern that will be repeated, you should point out the joint menthod from one of the methods listed above  so we know how you want this pattern to be continuously printed.  


Step B) Generate your design(s) with the following requirement

- File Format: Tiff or Jpg

- Color Mode: CMYK is preferred but RGB is acceptable

- Resolution: 150-300dpi

- File Size Limit: 400MB

- The Quality Standard: Good quality displayed under the Print Size in the Photoshop

- Design Size:

     If it is for making scarf, please see the design size requirement on the right side of Point 3.

     If it is for fabric printing, please see the design size in the Case 1 above


Step C) Send your design(s) to by uploding designs to a public server, such as or If your designs are successfully transferred, we should receive an email notificaiton from the server you used, including a downloading link.







       - Order 2: for Making Scarf

       Point 1: Signature position

        To avoid the signature to be cut after hemming, the                    signature         position should leave the edge at least for            1" (2.5cm ) before         hemming. 

       Point 2:  Minimum border width

        Our standard border width BEFORE HEMMING would be one        of the following options. Please make the border width                        according to your choice.    

 option 1:  if you do not want to show  the border in the front of a scarf after hemming, add the  border size 0.6" for hand roll or 0.4" for machine hemming. The solid color of border will be folded as a hem.      




option 2:  if you want to show the border in the front of a scarf after hemming, add the border size at least 1.5" for hand roll or 1.0" for machine hemming.

After hemming, the border size will be around 0.9" for hand roll or 0.6" for machine hemming.  


Point 3: Design Size for Scarf 

Scarf size plus extra hemming margin, which is 0.4" in each side for machine hemming or 0.6" in each side for hand roll as below.




  Unappreciated design that we do not accept

A desgin that may not achieve good pritning result includes but does not limit to the following situation.

- The design has large area of solid colors, such as a large area of black or white background, big color blocks, etc.

 The solution is to break up the solid color with something else, for instance, gradually changing colors or adding some effects. You can find some effects in the FILTER of the PHOTOSHOP.


After downloading your designs, we will check each design to see if they meet our design file requirement. We will send you design confirmation either it is good for printing or it needs to be resent when it does not meet our requirement.

We reserve the right to reject designs that we think will not work well in the view of pritning quality, which were mentioned above in "Unappreciated Desgin". In this case, either you will resend another design or the order will be cancelled and you will get a refund.  Seperation-blank-0.15


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