Shipping & Payment

Shipping & Payment


We are in Montral, Canada. Our printing company is located in China. All products will be sent from our printing manufacturer in China to your destination country.

A) Shipping Method

We have two shipping methods: Small Postal Packets (SPP)  and DHL Express (DHL) as described below.

i) DHL Express shipping

  - Shipping rate starts between $29-$45 depending on delivery country, for example $29 to USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe countries, $45 to Arab countries.  

- Usually delivery time will be in 3-5 business days 

 ii) Small Postal Packets Shipping (SPP)

- Goods weight should be between 0.01 kg-1.99kg varying with type of products, relatively 2-19 silk scarve depending on scarf size and type of silk to be used. You will find out the exact quantity allowed at each prodcut shopping page.

- Shipping rate will be between $4.0-$25.0 USD depending on quantity added to shopping cart, which includes 0.01-1.99 kg

- Delivery time usually will be 15-25 days to USA, Canada, Australia, and major Europe countries; 20-35 days to rest of countries.  Longer time would be expected mainly dut to the destinated CUSTOMS delay.   

- To meet the value limitation requirement for SPP, we may send multiple shipments when the quantity in an order has many pieces.


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How these two shipping methods work

- When goods weight added to the shopping cart is less than the allowance of SPP, the SPP method will become a default. If you want to have faster delivery, you have a chance to upgrad to DHL shipping in Checkout. 

- When goods weight added to the shopping cart excesses the allowance of SPP, the DHL shipping method will automatically apply. The final shipping fee will be determined in Checkout.



 Either using Small Posttal Packets or DHL Express Shipping, we will provide you with a tracking number after your order is dispatched. Once your order has been shipped, it is in care of the courier and / or your local postal service. We are not liable for any unexpeted delivery situations caused by these shipping services.  However, we will try our best to work with you in order to resolve these abnormal situatins.




 B) About the Surcharge for Remote Areas.

For location that is defined as Remote by the DHL shipping company, you will be asked to pay an extra remote surcharge by our email after you place the order , which is $25 USD. No surchage will be applied if using Small Postal Parcel Shipping

Remote is defined as islands and highlands; or a post code/zip code that is difficult to serve; or a suburb/town that is distant, inaccessible or infrequently served.

If you do not agree the additional remote payment when you receive an invoice from the PayPa, you  have the right to cancel the order and get the full amount of refund that you already paid when you placed the order.

      C) Products will be carfully checked by SilkMelody representatives in China before sending to the shipping company.

D) For countries not listed in our online shopping system, you can make an order directly by CONTACT  US   



  Payment Terms -                    Paypalcheck

SilkMelody accepts credit cards (Visa, Master) and American Express through PayPal, which is world's largest and safest processor of debit and credit card transactions.

The Maximum value we set in the Online Shopping  is $1,200 USD before shipping fee. If your order excesses the maximum amount, online ordering will faile to direct you to the Checkout for the payment. In this case, bank wiring will be a method
. You should directly place orders by CONTACT US now.

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