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A Success Story - Guyan Art on Fashion




             Guyuan Art: JY-1



This fashion line printed with Guyuan oil paints was a most successful project in the early digital textile printing cooperated by our printing partner and the Cathaya Silk Import & Export Company. Even the time is passing, we still remain the same favour to its products as presented below, in which not only the oil paints themselves, but also the concept as  well as product styles are all so beautiful.

If you do appreciate these fashion products, you could CONTACT US to enquire the wholesale. The minimum order quantity will vary with the products.


               Guyuan Art: P187

   Guyuan-Silk_Set-JY-11 Seperation-blank-T           Guyuan-Silk_Set-P1871


                    Guyuan Arts on Fashion Clothing

Cathaya-Silk-Dress_L4088-126Cathaya-Silk_Dress-L4087-HBHdress         Cathaya-Silk-dress_L4002-127       Cathaya-Silk-Dress_L3050-97    


Guyuan-pulloverpants-T4008-91K4074-126 Guyuan-pullover-T4073-126 Guyuan-pulloverpants-T4032-91K4114-09   Guyuan-skirt-Y4052-127    


Guyuan-W3406-1-91 Guyuan-Sweater_T3412-90  sweater_W3408-91  Guyuan-Sweater_W3407-94    


  Guyuan Arts on Fashion Accessories 

    Guyuan-bag-shoe-LMG       Silk_Handbag-FK-2564-P57  Silk_Handbag-F2-005-P119     Silk_Handbag-FK-2619-P127

Guyuan-bag-shoe-P65    Silk_scarf-GY-Z3611-120JY3-1  Silk_scarf_GY-Z3612-114P117-1     Silk_Scarf-Z3612-116P135

  Guyuan-bag-shoe-HGH   silk_Scarf-Z3615-JY1    Silk_Scarf-Z3615-P147     Silk_Scarf-Z3615-P159


  Image Copy Right - Guyuan

Guyuan Art Collesctions on Silk Scarves

A successful story from Guyuan Art Collesctions on Silk Scarves-beautiful, classic and in fsashion.