Wool & Cashmere Scarves



After a successful business in producing custom digital textile printing silk scarves, we are happy to announce these new custom printing scarf  lines on fine wool and cashmere. Same as in the silk scarves produciton, we will still put quality of custom wool and cashmere scarves in the first place i.e. from fabric, printing and finishing.  The followings below are terms and conditions to how custom wool & cashmere works.


                                                   Table of Wool & Cashmere Scarves

 FABRIC NAME       SIZE:  inch(cm)   YARN       WEIGHT /each scarf FABRIC SAMPLE ORDER NOW
   Plain Wool-140X140   55x55" (140x140cm)     120            135g TX-wool-120y-200x80-1 click-image
   Twill Wool-200X90   78.7x35.4" (200x90cm)     200           120g TX-wool-200y-200x90-1 click-image
   Twill Wool-200X110  78.7x43.3"(200x110cm)     270            90g TX-wool-270y-200x110-1 click-image
Twill Cashmere   78.7x27.5" (200x70cm) or 35.4x35.4" (90x90cm)     200             65g TX-cashmere-200y-200x70cm-1 click-image


Minimum Order Quantity: 

5 scarves per design

Production Time:

2-4 weeks depending on number of designs and the order quantity

Sample Approval:

We will do sample approval when order quantity has at least 10 scarves per design.  Otherwise, when quantity is less than 10 scarves per design, direct printing method will be used in printing your order. 

Quality Allowances:

- Due to the special technicial issues in producing wool & cashmere scarves, it is not very practical for us to guarantee no-stains in all products. Therefore mild stains are acceptable in some cases with a very small propotion of the order quantity. 

- Duet to the fabric nature, some details of printing on wool and cashmere might loose. It is suggested avoiding to use detailed designs but abstract designs.

- In small orders where we use direct printing, printout colors might not complete close to the design colors  that appear on the computer screen. On contrast, orders with sample approval will  have much better color matching to the design colors. 


If you have interest for making wool or cashmere scarves printed with your own designs, you can CONTACT US for a quote while providing the information below.

- Fabric to be used, which can be found in the table above.

- Quantity per design

- Number of design in the order



             An Example of Cashmere Scarf



                       Fringing Finish