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wholesale silk scarves


As a producer of custom silk scarves for wholesale, we have been in this business for a decade. We truly understand what matters in making high quality custom silk scarves. Besides images provided by customers, we take care of everything to ensure an excellent silk scarf quality from fine fabric, ideally colour matching, quality printing & post-treatment to outstanding hand roll finish, which makes our loyal customers for many years to come.

Now with the application of customizing system upgraded from our printing partner, printing-on-demand becomes closer to the perfect. No matter one scarf for a final user or bulk production for wholesale, we all can provide you with incredible quality, affordable price, and on-time delivery, which might be a goal to many but not in the reality to most because of their limited facilities.

wholesale silk scarves


     To meet different scale of customers' needs, we have various order options, including Discount Price from the Online Ordering and Wholesale price with minimum order quantity (MOQ)  requirement.                      

Wholesale Cusotm Silk Scarves

If you are a new starter in scarf business, the Online Ordering might be an easy place for you to start, in which no minimum quantity is needed; when the quantity reaches 5 scarves per ITEM or more, you will have a Discount Price. Therefore, you have no struggle in planing MOQ and also no stress in keeping inventory while you are seeking market opportunity.

You can firstly order one scarf per design from our Online Ordering at the category of  SCARVES USING YOUR DESIGNS, which gives you the idea about our scarves' quality, including the fabric, the printing and the finishing, as well as your design reflection on the fabric you choose. When your scarves receive the good response from the market, you can order 5 scarves per item or more with no quantity limitation per design while having the Discount Price.  You can view the Price Reductions on the each product (item) page when you go to the Online Ordering.  For other fabric , please see the discount in each shopping page. 



  The discount rates for silk scarves in online ordering     are as below.  The quantity is for per item.                      

5-9 scarves: 5%

10-29 scarve: 10%

30-49 scarves: 15%

over 50 scarve: 20%


If you like the scarf fabric at the Online Ordering but not the scarf size, we can accommodate your size. You can Contact Us for a new quote.

Wholesale wool scarves

i) The Minimum
If you are ready to make up a large order, the wholesale price is right for you, in which the minimum order quantity is required varying with the type of fabric. The most common fabric is about silk, in which the minimum quantity needs 1 roll (50yards) with Max. 2 designs equivalently  40 scarves with the size of 38x38" (97x97cm) or 70x20" (178x51cm)

You have the choice in using designs either submitting your own designs or choosing designs from our collection,which comes from the famous oil painter Guyuan's Art Collection. His oil paints were successfully applied to fashion products in the early of digital textile printing, which till now still is very welcomed in the market. p119-details                   GuyuanArt-Silk_scarf-GY-Z3611-120JY3-1  

ii) The Wholesale Order Process

a) Be ready with the electronic design file either transferred from the original artwork or made by the computer graphic software.
Contact us to obtain the quote. The following information are needed in order to provide you with a quote.
      - The fabric you choose to print on
      - The scarf size
      - The quantity per design
      - The number of designs in the order
c) Sample stage will be taken place after receiving your design files and the sample payment.

d) Production will start after you approve the  sample

The delivery time for the sample and the production usually take 2-3 weeks depending on the order situation.




iii) The Electronic File Requirement

  - File format: Tiff or Jpg format . CMYK color mode is preferred. The RGB is acceptable but the brightness and some colors may not achieve the ideal result comparing to the design file because digital textile printer uses CMYK color mode.

   - Design Size: Scarf size PLUS hemming margin for 0.4 in each side if machine hemming or 0.6" in each side if hand hemming. 
   - File size limit: 400MB with 150-300 dpi 


wholesale  silk Scarves

Common fabric we use to make scarf is quality Chinese silk, which almost includes each popular silk, such as 12mm or 16mm satin, 8mm chiffon/georgette, 14mm or 16mm twill, and 12mm crep de chine. Other fabrics also can be ordered depending on fabric availability in the printer company, for example, wool +silk blend, silk+modal blend, cotton+silk blend, etc. 
 Click to learn more about Custom Blend Scarves, 

Silk Scarf Size
Considering common silk width, which have 45” and 55”, the most popular sizes are 38x38”, 36x36”, 70x20”, 60x13”. 53x53"
If you are interested in creating a custom size, we can accommodate your size.

Silk Scarf Finishing
Hand roll or machine hemming will be in your choice. The hemming quality is just as good as well-known brands you can see in the market. 

Touch feeling
There are some facts making our silk scarves extremely soft.
Fact 1: the silk fabric we choose is the best - we prefer to pay more to keep the quality
Fact 2: we use reactive ink not pigment like many western companies do. Comparing to the pigment, reactive ink has advantages as followings.
1) Brighter colors
2) Softer touch feeling
3) Stronger color fastness

4) More ink penetration on the fabric back

Washing & Caring
• Dry cleaning is recommended for silk scarves.
• If you want to wash your silk scarf by hand, please be sure to follow these instructions:
• Wash your silk scarf separately.
• Always use a special detergent meant for natural silk, or use Marseille soap.
• Wash quickly in a large quantity of water.
• Stretch the scarf to its original shape.
• Do not use a tumble dryer.
• Use steam ironing with two dots temperature on the scarf back before it is completely dry.

wholesale silk scarves

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