Wool+Silk Blend Shawl -Custom Made

Wool+Silk Blend Shawl -Custom Made

Product no.: CS-B-Wool+Silk Blend Shawl


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- Price including fabric, printing, sales tax
- Production time: 2-4 weeks for products with finishing; 1-2 weeks for without finishing
- Submit design(s) after placing order. See How to Prepare & Submit Custom Design
- By placing an order, you agree with our TERMS in Shipping & Payment and FAQs
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             We Print Your Design on 70% Wool +30% Silk Shawl

                                                                  Design File Requirement               

       i) File Format: Jpg or Tiff   with 150-300dpi                                ii) File Size Limit: 400MB 

  iii) Design Size: scarf size, plus 0.6" (1.5cm) in EACH SIDE for machine hemming or fringing margin




Shawl Size:  Your choice among 
79x26“ (200x66cm), 53x53"(135x135cm), 39x39" (99x99cm)
Fabric:  Blended by 70% Wool +30% Silk

Weight:  11mm
ing Method: Fringing or machine hemming in your choice



Case 1: For new designs

2 scarves  per design 

Case 2: For reprinting the same design

 if you want to reprint SAME DESIGN as in one of previous orders, the minimum quantity MUST MEET 6 scarves PER DESIGN



- For small quantity of orders, fabric weft might not be avoided. 

- In small orders,  i.e. less than 10 shawls per design,  we use direct printin. Therefore, colors might not completely close to the design colors  that appear on the computer screen.

- If you are very serious about colors, please make orders with at least 10 shawls per design, in which we will do Colour Matching not Direct Printing.

For details about the difference between Direct Printing and Color Matching, please Click Here Now.



PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWINGS CAREFULLY   before placing the order.

(1) After processing the payment, you should send us design files. You can SEND DESIGN NOW  to info@silkmelody.com or later by uploading design files through public servers such as www.wetransfer.com or www.dropbox.com.

(2)  File Requirement:

An electronic file must meet the following requirements. Otherwise, the order will not be processed.
- The Format: JPG or Tiff.
The Design Size: Scarf size, plus 0.6" (1.5cm)  in EACH SIDE for machine hemming  or fringing margin 

- The File Size: the file size MUST be less than 400MB with 150-300dpi.
- The Quality Standard: Good quality displayed under the Print Size in the Photoshop.
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(3) Since a large number of orders for custom design pritning, we use a Direct Pritning method for online orders, in which pritning colors in same designs are not necessary kept same as in previous orders. If you will have a potential production order after sample approving , we recommend that you should go through our
Wholesale for Custom Design Printing, in which a Color Matching method will be applied. Contact Us Now if you would like to learn more about the Wholesale for Custom Design Printing .

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